WEdding film products

Below is a description, with examples, of the types of products included in a ProVids Wedding Videography Package. There is no "one size fits all" wedding package, so all of our packages are COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE to meet your needs and budget. 


Wedding Day Highlight Film

Your Wedding Day Highlight Film is cinematically edited to tell the story of your special day. It features all of the little moments that tell the big story. This film is edited to music and includes vocal audio, from your ceremony and reception, to assist with narration. This is the main product that clients typically choose to share with friends and family on social media. 

Full Length Ceremony Film

Your Full Length Ceremony Film is exactly that... a film that runs the FULL duration of your ceremony. If your ceremony is 30 minutes long, you will be provided with a 30 minute long ceremony film. This video example displays a 5 minute snippet of a Full Length Ceremony Film. 


Raw Footage

Not all of the footage makes it into the Wedding Day Highlight Video. The Raw Footage Files are the video files as they were originally filmed. The benefit of being provided with Raw Footage is that you can go back to view and listen to the moments as they were captured. There may be a 3 second clip in your highlight video that was originally part of a 2 minute shot. The raw footage includes the full unedited 2-minute shot.